Historic Providence

The postcard collection boasts some wonderful images of familiar, and some not so familiar buildings around downtown Providence and the East Side.  These are just a sampling of what we have.    The postcards are not as accessible as the rest of the Picture Collection folders, but are available for browsing upon request.  Eventually we hope to be able to make more of these available digitally in our image database.

Dates are only available on postcards that have a postmark on them.  Most are from the early 1900’s.


Be Mine

The Picture Collection presents a small selection of Valentines from the postcard collection.  All date from the early twentieth century.

1930’s Illustration

A summer project of sorting out our Magazine Covers folders led to my discovery of these wonderful 1930’s covers.  These illustrators may not be as well known as some, but are deserving of a place in the summer sun.

Top left: Collier’s, March 7, 1931, John Gannam

Top right: Ladies Home Journal, June 1935, Charles Edward Chambers

Middle left: Ladies Home Journal, Sept. 1934, Eugene Iverd

Middle right: New York Herald Tribune, Jan. 30, 1938, Karl Godwin

Bottom left: Saturday Evening Post, Jan. 29, 1938, Francis Lee Jaques

Bottom right: Saturday Evening Post, June 27, 1936, R. C. Kauffmann

The Picture Collection has an extensive section of 20th century costume, with separate sections for men, women and children, and most of it broken down by decade.  Sources for this material are fashion magazines, Sunday newspaper supplements, and catalogs.  I have to confess that some of my favorite Picture Collection files are the 1970’s costume.   Whether they make you cringe or smile, these images just might make your day.

Iron Age Picture Stones

Some new additions to the mounted prints in the Picture Collection include these Iron Age Picture Stones from the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.  These beautiful stones date from the 5th – 7th centuries, A.D.

Revolutionary Theatre

This outdoor theatre in Tampere, Finland actually rotates the audience around to the next scene.  Circa 1959.  This image can be found in the Picture Collection in the folder titled “Theaters – Open-Air”

Shepherds with Character

This is just one of the gems you can find in the Picture Collection Costume files.  These shepherds of the Carpathian foothills will be filed under Costume – Czechoslovakia.