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“In the Land of the War Canoes” was originally called “In the Land of the Head-Hunters” and this was truer.  It was like watching “Nanook of the North,” a rare anthropological spy treat into ways of a people as extinct as the dodo.  Oh the precious scenes of what people wore and their dances and costumes and how they courted and warred.  The special secret treat of watching a man hoping for visions. I became lost in time.


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Giacometti, Henry Moore, George Segal, Duane Hanson, Red Grooms, Native American Indians of the Pacific Northwest, Christo, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, James Turrell, Andy Goldsworthy, Nancy Holt, Michael Heizer… These are some of the artists whose work we have recently added to the RISD Digital Image Database. Login to RDID with your RISD username and password, and then click on the links below to see slide shows of these artists’ work:

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