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CKZJMODIRMUQ58P86 The Royal Academy of Arts in London recently held an exhibition of art and artifacts from the Byzantine period, Byzantium: 330-1453. The exhibition, a collaboration between the Royal Academy and the Benaki Museum in Athens, gathered over 300 objects created in the Byzantine Empire, including some very rare items from collections in Egypt, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, the U.K. and the U.S., some of which had never before been exhibited.

Byzantium 330-1453 explores a period of enormous creativity in European art, starting with the foundation of Constantinople by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in 330, and ending with the capture of the city by the Ottoman forces of Mehmed II in 1453. The RDID set of 42 images was purchased from the Courtauld Colour Slide Scheme, and includes exquisite examples of icon painting, mosaic, fresco, gold, silver and bronze work, ivory carving, enamelling, and even one example of textiles from the period. To access the images, login to RDID from a RISD computer with your RISD username and password, and when you get to the search page, select the RISD Visual Resources Library collection, and enter Byzantine as your keyword. We hope you enjoy the artworks.


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