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We have created two new collections in the RISD Digital Image Database: the Faculty Gallery and the Student Gallery. They are designed to host downloadable digital images of work by RISD faculty and students from any department, and we hope that eventually they will become archives of the artwork created in the school. To see these collections, login to RDID with your RISD username and password, then go to Browse, and select RISD Faculty Gallery or RISD Student Gallery from the drop-down list at the top. You can browse by the individual names, or by instructors’ names, departments, courses, semester, and materials. You can also do keyword searches. We hope this feature of RDID will become a resource for students and faculty working on specific project at RISD, and we look forward to your feedback!


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Many RISD faculty and students want to know about the new videos and DVDs that are arriving in the Library. For brief updates on new acquisitions, follow us on Twitter.

Also, this is a list of all the video/DVD titles at the RISD Library

Your comments and suggestions for new titles are very welcome!

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Welcome to the RISD Visual Resources blog. We are the team working in the Visual Resources Center at the Fleet Library, Rhode Island School of Design. We will be keeping you informed about everything new happening at the VR Center, including  the clippings folders added to the Picture Collection,  DVD titles added to the library catalog, and digital images in the RISD Digital Image Database, RDID.

If you want brief updates, you can also follow us at Twitter

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